We Plan. We Design.
We Produce. We Execute.

From corporate to social and brides to brands - no matter your niche, reason, or season - it all comes down to one simple thing...

Just Make It Amazing.

Savvy Events is a boutique event planning and production company based out of Los Angeles, CA and we get amazing. From inception to fruition, we’ll take your idea from mood, feeling, and vision to real-live, three dimensional YES.

Planning an occasion involves the inevitable collision of business and pleasure which allows us to marry the logistics of planning to the inventive and prolific aspects of creation. 

We deliver the best of both worlds by ensuring that your event captures the essence of your vision and runs like a well-oiled machine.

Our Clients & Their Events

For you, we’ll plan it, design it, and produce it. Once we begin, the stages of planning will progress and evolve with depth and breadth and though all events are not created equal, each client receives top-shelf service complete with our full attention and an arsenal of elite resources at your disposal.

Are you an organization looking to a create a brand experience that’ll win friends and influence neighbors? Make it happen with an influencer event, a product launch, or a gala of epic proportions.

What’s the occasion? Celebrations of any kind take time and work and we want you to take part and enjoy the party while we manage the details. Birthdays, baby showers, retirement parties, and more… relax and have fun while we manage production.

Each wedding is its own story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Get busy living your happily ever after while we make each part and each piece just right.

Put Our Service to the Test

We’re in the business of Be Our Guest, and we invite you to sample our services with a consultation call.