Seminar Planning Made Simple

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Today we’re popping in to share information geared toward our corporate clientele. Are you ready to curate seminars that aren’t boring and full of fluff? Below we share our top trends organizations should focus on when planning a seminar.

Seminar Planning Made Simple

3 Savvy Trends That Will Make Your Seminar Successful 

1. Keep It Simple: Organizations are putting a greater emphasis on focused, targeted content. Gone are the days of overwhelming and, dare I say boring attendees with too much content. They are streamlining seminars by focusing on what really matters and eliminating what does not. Marrying content with the event creates a memorable experience.

2. Increase Attendee Engagement:  Focusing on increasing attendee engagement should be ingrained into the fiber of any seminar. Organizations are finding it essential to encourage increased attendee engagement via social media. From gathering attendee feedback to disseminating information and keeping the conversation going, social media serves as a catalyst to seminar success. Attendees are posting to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout seminars like never before. Of course you want your attendees to pay attention to the content of the seminar, but the fact that they’re engaging in social media while likely tagging and hash-tagging the host organization and its sponsors exposes the event to a broader audience.

3. Attention To Detail: As event and meeting planners we recognize the details have always been important. Organizations are now recognizing that in addition to the heart of their event, a well executed collection of little details can result in a huge impact by focusing on what I call, “The Experience Factor”. You want your design, marketing and food details to splash, not flop. Do linen choices matter? Yes. Is branding throughout your event necessary? Most definitely. Does having incredible food make a considerable difference? Of course. The goal in focusing on details is to appeal to attendee sensibilities to get them talking about the event. In my experience, it is often the little details that create a buzz.

We hope these tips will prove useful when planning your upcoming seminar!


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