It’s the Small Things the Count: How Tiny Details Can Make or Break Your Event

With little thought to it, event attendees spend time connecting to your brand and networking–and that’s exactly how we like it. But, at all times there are tiny, little details at work to make your event a success for your guests and your brand.

Have you ever been to an influencer event that felt like a total snooze or something just felt–off. This usually isn’t representative of the brand itself, unfortunately, the “dead air” feeling is often what attendees remember. To keep this from happening, consider the following tiny details that can make or break an event.

Lines are the Worst

Some like to draw attention to their event by allowing long lines to form. This tactic may entertain everyone except the attendees. Long lines can be avoided with fast and efficient entry strategies. Depending on the size of your venue, you could have two entries. Make sure there is enough staff to assist in helping the line move along nicely as well as providing a positive experience should there be a wait. If you want to go super techy, there are wristbands attendees can get instead of purchasing a ticket. No more digging through paper, attendees can simply be scanned in. Red carpet photos are another great way to manage entry traffic.

Event Staffing at its Finest

Our LA event team puts a lot of work into making your event successful. Staffing for an event is all about quantity and quality. The skill and know-how are important for behind the scenes setup, but it’s just as crucial to have a team who know how to work an event. This could mean keeping the beverages stocked, encouraging attendee interaction, and keeping things alive. An event should always have a logical layout. But, for those tiny gaps in between, it’s important to have enough staff on hand to keep all attention on the brand message and purpose of the event.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Keep your eyes on all copy used at an event. From slideshows, speeches, brochures, graphics, and videos–it’s crucial that these all align perfectly with the brand message. Consistency is key! It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for spelling or grammatical issues, either. It’s hard to remember such small details amongst a large event but these things can stick out like a sore thumb.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the perfect venue plays a huge role in a successful event. While many consider capacity and design, location can sometimes be a forgotten detail. Will it take guests hours to arrive? Is the surrounding traffic dreadful? You’d be surprised how many people regret heading to an LA event simply because the drive there feels all-consuming. Choose a location with easy access. This first impression can start your event off on the right (or wrong) foot.

Everything Should Just Flow

Lastly, it’s important to remember that an event should flow. Your event isn’t a party…entirely. It serves a purpose. And, much like a business proposal, you are walking your attendees–who are also your customers, clients, mentees, and sponsors through an experience. This experience is one that starts with an idea and leads to belief in your brand, business, products, and services. Every event needs a sense of order which is why we often create a plan with notes for every 15-minute interval. To some, this may seem excessive. For us, these small details are exactly what make your event all it can be. To learn how we can help your company infuse those tiny details into your next event, get in touch today.

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