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This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Palm Springs for a Mastermind weekend. I was joined by two kickass entrepreneur friends–Courtney, the branding photographer extraordinaire behind Courtney Paige Ray Photography and Andrea, the creative calligrapher of Calligraphy Nerd. We spent the weekend in the most amazing house for three uninterrupted days of strategizing business goals, […]


A Mastermind Weekend for the Books! 4 Ways I Learned to Uplevel My Savvy Business Approach


Strengthening your event engagement, especially to an audience of millennials, may be challenging. But, transforming your event into an interactive experience is especially rewarding for your brand. An event engagement ratio will likely represent your opt-in and buy-in ratio, too. So, how do you help attendees participate while at your event? And why is it so important […]


How to Engage Millennials at Your Next Event

Event Marketing

Besides your first sale, there are few moments as important for your brand as your initial launch celebration. Your brand launch party is more than a celebration or a big reveal. It’s really the first impression of everything you and your business represent. The last thing you want to do is misrepresent everything your brand […]


The Savvy Guide to Planning a Brand Launch Party

Brand Events

Mindset seems to be the hot word for 2018. Everyone is talking about it, so much so that it can often sound cliche. Truly shifting your mindset is more than saying fluffy words, it takes targeted and concise action, it’s a daily, if not minute by minute practice. In mid-July, I set the intention to […]


How 1 Month In The Gym Shifted My Mindset


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