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With little thought to it, event attendees spend time connecting to your brand and networking–and that’s exactly how we like it. But, at all times there are tiny, little details at work to make your event a success for your guests and your brand. Have you ever been to an influencer event that felt like […]


It’s the Small Things the Count: How Tiny Details Can Make or Break Your Event

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Earlier this year I sat down with one of our big clients. He was excited about the growth of his company and eager to plan multiple events to showcase his brand and products. This was a very exciting meeting for my team because it meant increased revenue from one of our favorite client’s and the […]


Why you should never get comfortable (in business and in life)


Happy Thursday! There’s no denying that we live in the exciting and ever-advancing age of technology. We have any number of convenient devices and apps at our fingertips (why, hello Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat…the list can go on and on). This is excellent news for businesses and corporations who regularly host events. Whether your event […]


Incorporating Technology into Your Next Event


Happy Monday! Dinner parties are the perfect way to gather an intimate group of friends for an evening of frivolity and fun, or bring together acquaintances that you’d like to get to know better. Instead of scrambling to make the rounds and forgetting to talk to people before they leave, you’re able to have one-on-one […]


Dinner Party Essentials: How to Throw an Intimate Dinner Party


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