4 Things to Consider Before Starting the Site Selection Process

  1. Such great advice for couples and companies looking for venues! As a planner, one of the hardest things is working with a client who’s already booked a venue that’s all wrong for them, and it happens all too often. Thanks for writing such an informative article!

  2. Rachel Rice says:

    Yes! all of this!!! EVery time I take a client to select a venue, they have grandiose dreams for places that sadly are just not logistically possible or don’t fit within their theme, location, budget etc. This is such great valuable knowledge for clients to know right off the bat. You’ll have to sacrifice something to get your perfect venue sometimes!! 

  3. Jordan Williams says:

    This is such important advice! So often couples “blow the budget” on the venue and don’t have room for anything else. ALl couples should come to you to read this before selecting a site! 

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