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Your next corporate retreat should be memorable, intentional, and enjoyable. Planning for an event on such a grand scale can be overwhelming, but trust us, it doesn’t have to be. I know you’re probably thinking, “you’re an event production company, of course, you don’t think the planning process will be difficult.” Well, we are a […]


5 Expert Tips to Make Your Corporate Retreat a Success


An end-of-the-year office party is a wonderful way to celebrate a year of hard work and thank your employees for all that they do to make your business great! Office celebrations can get a bit of an eye roll at times—after all, who hasn’t been to the sort of gathering with stale cookies, awkward conversation, […]


4 Ways to Spruce up Your Office Holiday Party


Happy Monday! We initially were going to title this blog, “It’s all about the Benjamins” because, well, that’s the purpose of crafting a winning event budget. After some reflection, however, we thought we’d keep things a bit more professional and simply provide you with tips for creating a successful event budget. Although talking about money […]


Tips for Creating A Successful Event Budget

Planning tips

Happy Monday, friends! The holiday season is quickly approaching and we want to share 5 tips for streamlining your holiday party planning. Whether you’re planning a corporate holiday party or an intimate dinner at your home these tips will be useful and guide you in the right direction to create an unforgettable experience. 1. Start Planning Early – Venues book […]


5 Tips To Streamline Your Holiday Party Planning


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